A man from Cavan

I met a man from Cavan as last night I
crossed the square,
he once lived here for 20 years but now
resides elsewhere,
the sun was shining as we strolled and
spoke of this and that,
Of trees and bushes and of playing hide
and seek,
and the ease of finding children now
the park was bleak.

The speed of it was staggering,why just
the other week
had he spent an hour in this same place
his youngest niece to seek.
You could find them in a minute now, a
flourish as he spoke,
the gardeners and the diggers had taken
that green cloak.

We stopped again at the farther gate
for its that way I was bound
to drink a bottle with some friends was
my intention to be found.
He hinted there was darker news not yet
upon the ear.
Of how the folk inside the bank’s  had
commission tier by tier
At ten per cent between five,divided
unequal clear.

Had it added to make housing very very
And now the boom was over some deals
had gone awry
The buyers of the elephants thought the
they’d paid for this huge house was
very very high

While all of this was taking place he
said  cracks began to show,
aside from this my dog Bear had fixated
on a  crow.
Odd things, the Vatican, the Pontiffs
ring and Bishop so and so.
They headed for their lawyers in whose
office they could smoke
for he understood their nervousness now
that they were broke.

He spoke more loudly on the phone than
they were used to hear
demanding that commission’s paid  be
shown  against arrear.
The bankers on the other end said
legally  we’re in the clear
and anyway we spent that money on
holidays last year.

The auctioneers he knew of were
definitely in the plan
a common piece of burglary against the
common man.
The policticos are useless against this
type of crime
In fact as far as he could see they
should all be doing time.

Copyright 2010

Dedicated to Lawyer No1  Dee  Fahy & Co  tel  012048845 without whose help I might have lost my mind!

She is qualified to practise in both the U.S.A. Mass and Ireland

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  1. I love it. Could read it over and over. You are some doggerelist, David. Keep going. Mary

  2. hifrommes: i likes the dig in foggy humour and the bittin flow..keep throwin vinegar at the wounders maybe halt some greed grow…kevin…p.s.enjoy your day at the races..

  3. This is great! I couldn’t read it proper when you sent it first because I was being a delegate, a traveller and an explorer of Irish Rail intentions, time tables and cost strategies.Love the metaphor of the lifting of the veil/undergrowth to find the children …

  4. Could it be you lost my last comment on this post? I mentioned that I love it, love it! I find that these odd encounters are often the most rewarding. Glad to hear Bear was nearby if you had had the need for a protector in the Park. Smiles from the States.

  5. I just read … really deep. I am very surprised. My sincere thanks!

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