The Painter Flynn’s World Economics 101

In my mid teenage years I discovered the game of poker when a priest , a nice man apparently full of fun and happiness , would come to stay at our house for the purpose of drinking his head off for about 7/8 days.He drank whiskey straight from the bottle and within a short time of his arrival had the need for a sort of permanent messenger boy to keep supply and demand in balance.Naturally a commision was due and paid for these endeavours.I soon realised that the commision had a direct relationship to the amount of whiskey comsumed and time of day these errands were accomplished.If other folks arrived as they did in those days multiple commisisons could be negotiated without any problem , everyone liked to chip in . Fr. Sam’s connection to our house was tenuous in that he had served on the mission’s with my mothers older brother who had been martyred in the Phillipines in 1954 and had played poker with him the night before his death .
Toward the end of a week and they were common enough I like Enron once was the richest guy in the room..and it was on one of these occasions he decided to teach me poker.
Later in life I would watch in London Casino’s poker games played by the same rules but the house taking a cut of each pot. Two and a half % redgarded as modest. So roughly 40 hands later, a blink of an eye in poker, all the money should be in the box under the table but that is not what happens. What happens is the pots get bigger and bigger with house getting more each time.What is also happening is that people have lost their shirts and other people who still have shirts have taken their place.
There incidentally began my interest in Economics as I witnessed fleets of limousines depositing wealthy Sheik’s and their entourage’s to these clubs.A seemingly endless stream of them. With just a wave of their hands stack after stacks of chips would appear. These mysterious white robed figures endlessly waved their hands. They controlled the spice we are all addicted to and so 40 yrs on and things haven’t changed, I lie ,we are more addicted than ever.
Improvement in world economies influences the price of the spice yet in the background business is as usual ,expand or die .Now when oil prices rise severley the effect is to take the cash money out of the game to be taken back to Saudi to be counted by the Emir’s men or in the case of Iran ‘The Regime’ , Hugo in Venezula and in Iraq probably by Uncle Sam before being returned to the people of Iraq in the way of bridges ,schools and hospitals built by companies like Haliburton and protected by Blackwater. If more players don’t sit down at the table quick enough the game is over.And thats what happened here the Central banks all over the world failed to print enough money to make up for what the increased spice price took out of the Global monetary system unlike the Casino’s who continue to serve plates of chips to the men who suddenly and without warning all the money is gone to Dubai and similar. There it will be ironed and lent back to us as new money so when the spice runs out, the interest on the loans will get bigger and they won’t need the money for the spice because all the money will belong to them.
As to the poker games with Fr.Sam ,I thrashed him again and again and on every visit. He was probably a very good poker player but after 5 or 6 days of heavy drinking he unknowingly thought out loud ”lets see I’ve got a pair of Aces I will raise and see what he makes of the that and then I’ll buy two cards ” and not very clearly at that, he also developed ‘tells’ extreme ‘tells’ if his left eye twitched he didn’t think much of his hand on the other hand if he clicked his denture he had at least three of a kind are two that I remember so that after a while I often knew what he had in his hand before he told me …………. And the mysterious  white robed men don’t drink at all and still wave their hands.                                                                                                                                                                                 copyright 2010

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  1. Fantastic, telling and humorous. Another masterpiece with a small town and international connection. Poker not being my game, way too many tells on me, I am glad to watch. we all learn so much if we just watch and actually see. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Enjoyed that especially visualising him clicking his dentures. I can only play snap and spit & Malice! hope I never have to click dentures though! thanks for sharing this

  3. Just what I needed, a gave me a smile and a giggle. xxx

  4. Great blog (again) – chuckled aloud several times! (The best barometer I know!)
    Keep them coming

  5. Absolutely got off on this one Mr. Flynn, the world and it’s wicked ways boiled down precisely to an alcoholic poker player. I’m gonna start listening out for the drunk not realizing he is verbalising. I vibed a matrixian, but we batteries have ears and you are a tannoy.

  6. Great fun with a serious message. You brought back similar childhood memories of poker playing, hard drinking clergy.
    Look forward to the next.

  7. Wow, what a brill, funny, and touching read Mr Flynn!Thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Please keep me informed when your next one is up!

  8. Hi David, Its late so will read this again when the brain recovers after a few hectic days. Loved the story of your friend the priest, brilliant. Its just the economics piece in the middle has me muddled. Mary

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